Monday, October 4, 2010

A few days ago a lady and a man came into the store and inquired about renting our truck. The cashier asked them if they were making a purchase that they needed to haul in the truck. The lady said no. So, the cashier explained that our rental truck is for customers who are needing to haul PURCHASES made at our store. Then the lady changes her story and says she IS using to haul a purchase. So the cashier then explains that the purchase must warrant the use of the has to be something that wouldn't fit in a car. The lady ends up coming back to the register with three average sized house plants and claims that they will not fit in her car. I end up having to go the the desk to explain the policy again. The lady then asks to speak to a manager and my supervisor comes out and explains the same policy, but then tells the lady if she really wants to pay that much money to rent the truck for 3 plants then we would do it. The lady stomped out of the store and then proceeded to call the customer complaint line. When our operations manager calls her to follow up on the complaint she admits that she was planning to use the truck to move and that she was just mad that we told her no and she didn't get her way. Tell me, please......who is being rude and unfriendly. Who has the nerve to call in a complaint on an employee for following a policy that was set to keep customers from abusing a convenience that we offer to our REAL CUSTOMERS? You lied, bitch. Not once, but multiple times. It's Lowe's....not U-Haul.
And you're an idiot.
I'm just sayin'...


So, this lady comes into returns wanting a refund on some weather stripping that she bought. Unlike many of our customers, she actually has her receipt. So what could be wrong? She didn't bring the weather stripping with her. Yes, she really was expecting a refund for a product she intended to keep in her possession. When I asked her to explain her logic, she simply stated that she didn't have the packaging that the product came in and that she bought the wrong size. I politely told her that was okay, that we would still give her a refund without the package but that I would definitely need the weather stripping. She got upset and just couldn't understand why I wouldn't give her a refund. Here's a clue people. If you go to your favorite clothing store and buy a shirt, take it home, and then realize it's the wrong you think the store is going to say yes when you go in without the shirt and demand a refund? NO! Also, if you decided to call that store's customer service line and file a complaint, you're a complete ignorant asshole. If I tell you that you can't have something for free I'm not being rude and unfriendly. You are being a rude, arrogant idiot for asking.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

So. A lady of Middle Eastern descent came into the store and approached a cashier at the customer service desk. She begins asking for the location of a product however the cashier is unable to understand due to the lady's heavy accent. It turns out that she wanted linoleum...a flooring product. But she mispronounced the word so terribly that the cashier thought it must be some kind of exotic flower and sent her toward lawn and garden. The lady became very angry and insulted the cashiers and said they shouldn't be allowed to work here if they don't know the product. Well shouldn't be allowed to shop here if you can't pronounce what you want to buy. Welcome to America!

I'm just sayin'

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I tell myself every day that I could write a book about all the crap I see in a day at work. Some days it's the customers, some days it's the employees and most days it's some of both. So, I finally decided to share these moments with others. I suppose I'll have to try to be anonymous and I'll have to change names to keep from gettin fired, LOL. But really in spite of what I see and hear at work, I really do love my job. And Lowe's is a great place to work. Watching people is my job there and let me tell you, it is a constant source of entertainment. I hope you will enjoy reading about the crazy, ridiculous, and comical stuff I witness day to day. And maybe some people can even pick up a few pointers on how to have a better shopping experience.